Archery at your event

The ultimate in team building, afterall, it took a strong team to win the Battle of Agincourt. Have a great day out and bond with your colleague's. Choose Archery

Medieval Archery Parties

Why have the usual children’s party ? Treat your budding Robin Hoods & Maid Marion’s to a children’s archery birthday party that’s both original and exciting!! How many children’s birthday parties have – Archery practice, dressing the archery game, medieval stocks, an archery tournament, appointing as Captain of Archers, Historic fun & more??? Only ours! For ages 7+

Young Knights birthday party

Does your child long to be a young knight, does he/she love Mike the Knight then we have a brilliant party for then that’s both original and exciting!! For ages 4-6

Knights Birthday party

Learn the way of the medieval knights Code of Chivalry – honour, respect, charity, justice, truth, valour and become a modern day knight! For ages 7+

Modern Archery Parties

Want to make this years birthday party a special party? Becoming a teenager, 21st, 40th or even older? Then why not make their special birthday party an Archery birthday party with RS Archery

RS Archery Club - Herts

If you are after a relaxed and fun archery club – Then we are the club for you! Boasting both a large outdoor and indoor facilities the club hosts various archery related activities from normal target archery up to 50 metres, rowing archery (shooting at unmarked distanced targets) and even clout / distance shooting